Enteral Nutrition and Supplies

Enteral nutrition is commonly referred to as tube feeding and is a way for supplying nutrients directly into a patient’s stomach or small intestine. We offer a variety of brands best suited for each patient’s enteral feeding supply needs.

The Mother Was Cleaning The Wound Caused By The Feeding Tube On

Who Qualifies?

  • Do you have active coverage through one of the following insurance companies:
    • Louisiana Medicaid
    • Aetna Better Health of Louisiana
    • AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana
    • Healthy Blue
    • Louisiana Healthcare Connections
    • United Healthcare of Louisiana
  • Do you have a permanent inoperative internal body organ or function which does not allow absorption of sufficient nutrients to maintain weight and strength?
  • Are you tube-fed?

What’s Needed?

  • Medicaid Enteral Prescription Form completed by your healthcare provider.
  • Documentation from your healthcare provider to support your diagnosis and need for enteral supplies.

Supplies Provided

  • Feeding Pump
  • IV Pole
  • Feeding Administration Sets
  • Syringes
  • Feeding Extensions
  • Gastrostomy Buttons
  • Nutrition
  • Tape
  • Gauze

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